Behavioral Health Services

Like any other health crisis it is important to address Behavioral Health emergencies quickly and effectively. White House Clinics offers Behavioral Health Services that are integrated into your primary care services. Behavioral Health providers are located within our clinics and will work with your medical provider and other members of your care team to ensure you receive the quality care you deserve. Our Behavioral Health providers will help you identify goals related to your physical and mental health and develop a step by step plan to help you achieve those goals. Our trained Behavioral Health providers work with people of all ages and all needs.

Clinical Social Workers can assist with:

  • Trauma or abuse
  • Stress
  • Depression & feelings of guilt/hopelessness
  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Difficulty concentrating or paying attention
  • Anger issues
  • Smoking cessation

Assistance is as close as the nearest White House Clinic, contact us today to schedule an appointment or find your nearest White House Clinic located to you, see locations and hours.