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The CDC has shared facts about COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus). You can help stop the spread of rumors if you know the facts about the virus. Other reliable sources for COVID-19 information and updates are:


YOU can help stop the spread of COVID-19! Social distancing, good hand hygiene, avoiding touching your face, and staying home when you are sick are all great ways to prevent respiratory illnesses.

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Stay Healthy at Home

Guidance from the CDC includes instructions to:

  • STAY AT HOME IF YOU FEEL WELL. Limit exposures and avoid groups of 10 or more people.
  • STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK. Call your doctor for medical advice.
  • KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME IF THEY ARE SICK. Call your doctor for medical advice

#StayHealthyAtHome is popping up all over social media. Staying at home is the best way for you to protect you and your family from respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Tag us on Facebook and share how you #StayHealthyAtHome!

Why Social Distancing is Important

  • The CDC has recommended social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means avoiding crowded places and maintaining distance from others.

Play Dates and Social Distancing

  • Play time for children has been an opportunity for social development and a chance for kids to burn off some energy. With kids home from school right now, many are craving some of that social interaction. While it may be tempting to give in to your children’s request for a play day or a sleep-over, it is critical to remember how important social distancing is in reducing the spread of COVID-19 across our communities. Dr. Tibbs, pediatrician at White House Clinics, reviews important points about social distancing and children in this video.
  • Video Chat Play Dates are a great alternative to in-person play dates. Children can connect with their friends over their electronic devices while still practicing social distancing. Through video chat kids can play games, dance to songs, tell stories, and catch up with one another, while staying healthy at home.
  • A scavenger hunt is a fun outdoor activity for kids. Make a list of items you find in nature and see how many you can discover.
  • See the animals at the zoo! Zoos across the nation are going live on Facebook to give people a chance to experience the zoo while they are at home. Check out your favorites and see what the animals are up to while you are at home.
  • Go for a walk. Going outside to exercise is a great way to stay active and fit. Fresh air and sunshine are good for both your physical and mental health.
  • Visit a museum, virtually. Many museums are doing virtual tours while people are social distancing at home. This is a great chance to see some of your favorite exhibits, and catch some you may not see otherwise!
  • Write or Journal. We are living history every day, and journaling will be a great way to look back at your past experiences one day. Journaling is also a good way to relieve anxiety. Jotting down thoughts clears your mind and gives you a fresh perspective.
  • Call a friend or loved one. Social distancing doesn’t mean total isolation. Being at home gives you a chance to re-connect with people, near or far over the phone. Dial up someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and take the opportunity to catch up.

Coming to the Office

  • If you are experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing), please call 1-855-WH-APPTS (1-855-942-7787) before you come. Our medical teams will give you further instruction before your appointment.
  • Please limit the number of people you bring to the office.
    • If someone is driving you, please have them stay in the car during your appointment.
    • If you are bringing a minor, please limit the adults that attend the appointment.
    • If you are healthy, please stay at home.
  • We are completing COVID-19 testing using the CDC and Kentucky Department of Public Health testing priority strategies. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) please call 1-855-WH-APPTS to see if testing is appropriate.
  • Per CDC and Kentucky Department of Public Health guidelines, individuals without symptoms will not be tested at this time.
  • Pricing: COVID-19 Lab Test

Screening at the Front Door

  • White House Clinics is committed to providing excellent health care to our patients. Our offices are open, and happy to care for you and your family. To continue keeping patients and staff healthy, we are taking a number of extra precautions in all of our locations:
    • Additional cleaning and disinfection routines are taking place throughout the day.
    • When you arrive at our offices, you will be greeted by staff who will be screening visitors, so we may best deliver the care they need. These care team members will be dressed in protective equipment (mask, face shield, gown, and gloves) as an additional precaution.
    • Based on your answers to screening questions, you may be given a mask to wear and/or asked to wait in your car.
    • If you are bringing children, please warn them in advance that they may see people wearing these protective items. It is VERY important for parents of young ones to know we are taking every precaution to minimize the exposure risk for your little one!
    • In our medical clinics, you may be scheduled with someone other than your Primary Care Provider for the next several weeks.
    • Our Dental Clinics are ONLY open for dental emergencies. Routine dental care (cleanings, fillings, 6 and 12 month exams, etc.) is postponed until further notice.

Talking to Kids About COVID-19

It is important to remember that just like us, our children can get worried or anxious during times of significant change. Having honest, age-appropriate conversations with your children about COVID-19 and what they are experiencing can be helpful. Governor Beshear shared a video about how to talk with your children about COVID-19.

Resources for Job Loss

  • If you have lost insurance coverage (or will at the end of the month) due to lay-off, you may apply for Unemployment Insurance. Please review the schedule and see which day of the week your file will be filed (based on the first letter of your last name).

  • Application Assisters are available at White House Clinics to help you apply for Medicaid. Please call 859-626-7700 and ask to speak with an Application Assister for more information.
  • Feeding Sites are available throughout our communities. Please see the list below for more details about food resources near you:
    • Jackson County
      • Call: 606-287-7181

    • Madison County
      • Call: Please call your home school to reserve meals

    • Estill County
      • Call: 606-726-3060 or 606-276-3061

    • Garrard County
      • Call: 859-792-3018

    • Rockcastle County
      • Call: 606-256-2125
      • Click here
    • Berea Community School
      • Call: 859-986-1021
    • God’s Pantry Food Bank
      • Call: 859-259-2308



    • If you are interested in scheduling a virtual visit, please ask when calling to schedule an appointment. You will need:
      • A computer or phone with a camera and microphone,
      • The ability to receive an email or text,
      • Access to the internet.
    • Virtual Visits work well for many types of visits, but not every visit. Additionally, not all providers will be conducting virtual visits. Visits that may work well virtually include:
      • Behavioral Health Visits
      • Depression or Anxiety
      • Rashes
      • Medication Follow-ups
      • Constipation
      • Adult UTIs
      • ADHD
      • Pink Eye
      • And others!
    • It is possible that we do a combination visit where we start your visit virtually, but ask you to come to the office so we can complete testing.
    • This is new territory for us so we ask for your patience as we work out the technology, but we are glad to be able to offer this option to our patients as way for you to connect with your health care team during this challenging time.


    • From your cell phone:
      • Visits may be completed from your cell phone using the self-facing camera. Once your visit has been scheduled, you will receive a text message notification. Click the link to open your virtual visit. Complete the pre-visit questions any time before the scheduled appointment. You can answer the questions early and return to the visit page at any time.

    • From your computer:
      • Visits may be completed from your personal desktop or laptop computer using a web-camera, connected or built in. You will receive an email with link to start the visit. Click the link to open your virtual visit. Complete the pre-visit questions any time before the scheduled appointment. You can answer the questions early and return to the visit page at any time.

    • When you are ready to begin your visit, click the link. If you are the first party to join your visit, you will see the message below. Please stay on the page and wait while your provider joins the visit.