White House Clinics pediatrician, Dr. Moncayo, has been caring for children in Central Kentucky for almost 15 years. In all her experience, she has never seen an infection affect the community as widely and as negatively as COVID-19. Many children have been hospitalized because of COVID over the past year, and many more have suffered long-term side effects.

Adults and children ages 12 and older are now eligible for the vaccine, and all White House Clinics pediatricians strongly recommend it.

“The vaccine is safe, and it works very, very well,” said Dr. Moncayo.

“I was vaccinated as soon as I could be, and my whole family has been vaccinated, including my 12-year-old daughter. I am so thankful we now have a vaccine that can PREVENT COVID-19 related illness from happening.” – Dr. Moncayo

Dr. Moncayo encourages any patients – or anyone else – who has questions or concerns about the vaccine to call the clinic and ask. All providers at the White House Clinics are available to talk.

Dr. Moncayo added, “We care about our patients and want them to stay healthy!”

If you’ve not yet received your vaccine, walk-ins are welcome, even if you aren’t an existing patient.