Patient Portal is an online, user-friendly tool that allows you to securely view and manage your health information from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

Patients who register with Patient Portal will be able to:

  • Manage health records
  • View lab results and read office summaries and notes
  • Review medications and allergies
  • Email your provider or White House staff
  • Schedule appointments
  • View billing statements and make payments online

How do I sign up?

If you provide your e-mail address at check out, you will receive a token. This token will allow you to enroll at any computer. If you did not request a token, call us any time at 855-WH-APPTS. Once you have your token, go to Enter your token and other information to ensure your privacy.

Parents will be able to set up Patient Portal accounts to manage the healthcare of their dependent children under the age of 12, provided their relationship has been verified at a White House Clinics facility. Individuals with medical power of attorney may access the accounts of those patients they represent (for example, your adult parent). Patient Portal is a HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging service. Safer than email, the system is password protected and uses encryption technology to ensure patients’ information remains private.